The Mantra ‘Never Give Up’ Resonates With One Patient to Achieve Goals

The Mantra ‘Never Give Up’ Resonates With One Patient to Achieve Goals

When Lorraine arrived at The Summit at Plantsville last December 2021, she was essentially bed bound. She required the assistance of two people for care needs and the use of a Hoyer lift to help transfer her due to her severe weakness and pain. On top of that, she suffered from an unstageable sacral wound and many other pressure ulcers. The nursing and therapy staff at one point were contemplating if hospice services should begin to help care for her.

However, one year later, on December 15, 2022, Lorraine successfully and joyfully walked out of the building and was discharged back home with services.

Lorraine showed a level of courage and determination to get moving again and beat the odds. Little by little she was making small gains and soon enough those little steps began to add up into big accomplishments.

“With the faith and dedication of our Rehab Department and Nursing team, we pulled Lorraine through,” said Lauren Rescsanski, Occupational Therapist at The Summit at Plantsville. “We believe that everyone deserves a chance to show what they are made of. Slowly, Lorraine began to trust her therapists and the nursing staff. She kept showing up, day after day, and never gave up on herself.”

Lorraine’s sister worked closely with the staff at The Summit at Plantsville to arrange a “surprise” discharge for her. Lorraine wasn’t aware she was going home until the day of discharge when her sister came in. The goal was to get her home for the holidays.

“To see Lorraine, walk out the doors of The Summit a year later with her independence is all I could’ve ever wished for her. Lorraine is an inspiration to all those who she encounters. She has taught us that if you never give up on yourself, and you work hard, amazing things can happen. The Summit Rehab Department is incredibly proud and humbled to know Lorraine. We wish her all the best as she returns home for the holidays with her family,” said Rescsanski.

The Summit at Plantsville offers short-term rehabilitation, long-term, respite, hospice, and dementia care. Our dedicated staff provides individualized care with compassion, dignity, and respect. If you are looking for care for you or your loved one, please visit our community and meet our professional staff. Call our Admissions Department today for more information or to schedule a private tour; phone number: 860-628-0364.

December 15, 2022 A Healthier Approach To Caring
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